Neil Pattinson formed Big Foot Computing Ltd after many years of working in Aerospace R&D and in Aircraft Simulation.

Even before the days of Big Foot Computing Ltd he had accumulated much experience of software design.

Following a brief academic interlude in the world-renowned School of Cognitive & Computer Sciences (COGS to its friends) at the University of Sussex, he has moved the Company away from industry-specific work and into more general software design. In the process, he has embraced OO languages and design methodologies with enthusiasm.

Most recently, Big Foot Computing Ltd has been working with C++ and Java, producing visual and non-visual applications on Linux and MS Windows platforms. Most of this design work has taken place within the framework of Extreme Programming (XP) — a very powerful model for small- to medium-sized teams — and other 'agile' processes.

The Company has also been involved in the development and mangement of mixed Linux & Windows networks, installing and maintaining essential network services (e.g. DNS, webservers, mail services) and developing robust network topologies.